Lama Yeshe Statue

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YES – you can still donate! We will have shipping costs and consecration yet to raise funds for! (update coming soon) Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s advice to us to complete the statues needed for our altar, was to install a 2ft statue of Lama Yeshe as the centre-piece in the right side cabinet.

A statue of Lama this size does not yet exist! So we have commissioned Peter and Denise Griffin to hand-sculpt one for us, and we then would like to offer the mold to the FPMT for use by other centres.

To ensure the success of the statue we need to do fundraising AND merit-raising activities!

Fundraising includes one-off donations from students, funds from our Holy Object Fund, and proceeds from special sutra recitations.

Merit-raising activities include special recitations of the Sutra of Golden Light, dedicated to the health and long-life of our extra-ordinary statue sculptors, Peter and Denise Griffin.

We envision the artistic process to take several months, then the statue needs to be checked by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and there may be several revisions after that.

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