Continuous Light Offering Chandeliers

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How would you like to make continuous light offerings to all the Buddhas?!

We invite you to be part of our light offering project. We have sourced eight (!) chandeliers to beautify our gompa, with brass candle bulbs and drips of bodhicitta crystal.

This photo of the future gives you an idea of how we can make continuous light offerings in the modern day! Miffi found the chandeliers, all new, eight identical, and at half price, and with free shipping! With 120 lights offered at every flick of the switch, we can make mountains of merit to illuminate the minds of all sentient beings!

What a glorious way to celebrate our 40th birthday, coming up in 2022. With your help, we can have the best birthday candles ever!

We invite you to become part of this meritorious project. Any donation amount is hugely beneficial, and the more people involved the better!

Everyone has the opportunity to hitch their karmic train to this enormously meritorious project.

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