Practices to Protect

Rinpoche’s Recommended Practices

Lama Zopa Rinpoche recently offered advice on practices to do to protect from the coronavirus, to help anyone who has the disease to heal and for it not to spread further to other countries.

Sunday afternoon (2 pm) Prayers to Protect, will now be online only. Please join us for the following prayers as well as an on-going sutra recitations – we can create a virtual net of light to keep the world together! The practices are both for one’s own personal protection, and also to halt the spread of the virus in the world:

  • The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness, Including Enlightenment
  • Blessing the speech
  • Vajra Armour mantra
  • Black Manjushri mantra
  • Thangton Gyalpo “Sakya Liberating for Disease” prayer
  • On-going sutra recitation
  • Dedications

The FPMT page has extensive advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche, as well as links to all the practices to download as .pdf. Theses are the complete practices (not just the mantras) that you can do to protect yourself and the world.

Prayers for Your Phone

Here is a collation of the recommended practices from Lama Zopa Rinopche, designed for ease of use on your phone or tablet. It includes:

  • Colour pictures of the deities
  • Mantras in large font
  • All the motivation and dedication prayers specifically recommended by Rinpoche
  • Short additional descriptions of what to visualise in the mantra recitations

Of course it is best to download the practices in full from the FPMT via the links on this page, but for prayers-on-the-go we hope you find this useful.

On-going Sutra Recitations

Find inspiring information on the Sanghata Sutra from the FPMT website, as well as various options to download the sutra. You can also visit the dedicated Sanghata Sutra dedicated website

We will also be reciting the Sutra of Golden Light, which can also be downloaded from FPMT. Please feel free to recite at home, and then email FPMT to offer your recitation once it is complete.