Closure Details and How to Stay Connected

A message from the LTC Director:

The spread of the coronavirus has upended our daily lives. Here at LTC, we have been assessing how we can continue to benefit others in this new environment by continuing to provide meditation classes, pujas and teachings. We recognise that the Centre is an indispensable lifeline at all times, good and bad.

The Centre is now closed to all students, visitors and volunteers. This was a difficult but necessary decision to protect the health of students, visitors, and teachers. However, our full teaching program will now be presented online via live streaming.

LTC, like many of you, LTC is also facing a time of financial uncertainty. We will be keeping the majority of our classes by donation. For the ticketed classes, if you experience financial difficulty at any time, please email us and we will arrange a personal link to the livestream for you. No-one will have to miss out!

Over the last few days I have been greatly heartened by the spontaneous support and generosity of our LTC community. Many people have added a little extra to their donation at class. One member sent her husband with $40 and 4 rolls of toilet paper (!). Cleaning products have been pouring in, and a small mountain of individually wrapped biscuits for puja is growing in the kitchen. If you would like to make a donation to support our on-going classes, click here. Or you can make your donation tax deductible here.

While it is important to maintain a physical distance, we must still maintain social connection. Now more than ever we need to look after our virtual community and LTC family, and nurture Lama Yeshe’s “pamily peeling”. The LTC virtual mandala can become a digital net of light to hold our world together.

Please remember that social distancing is a continuous act of generosity and compassion for all. We are offering protection to others by eliminating a possible vector for viral transmission. This becomes bodhicitta embodied! May you and your families all stay healthy and remain connected to the LTC family.

Kindest wishes,
(LTC Director, Friday 20 March, 2020)

This page contains detailed information on:

  • Closure dates
  • Connecting with online classes
  • Practices to do from Rinpoche
  • Library books
  • How you can support your LTC
  • Resources for a “coronavirus retreat”

LTC closure dates

We will be closing until the end of term one, the mid-year school holidays. We are preparing to stay closed until the end of the year if we need to, depending on community developments within Australia.

Our committee is going into social isolation and we will be having all our meetings online. Miffi and Eddie will be onsite, relegated to Bekandze’s cat enclosure, to look after the LTC grounds and the gompa. To protect Eddie, who is in an at-risk category due to his asthma, there is a strictly no visitors of any sort policy.

Langri Tangpa Centre is now CLOSED to all students, visitors and volunteers.

How you can support your LTC

The shock of closure will be very difficult for many Dharma centres around the world. LTC will have less onsite expenses, but our mortgage is still $4,700 per month, and this is largely funded by tax-deductible donations from our members and supporters.

If you have been meaning to become a member but have not yet got around to it, please ring us. If we know and remember you, we can help you to join up. That way you will receive all member’s benefits including six years of online soundfiles and access to our library books.

LTC is not just the building – LTC is the students! The most important way to support LTC is to support your Dharma brothers and sisters. We can stay connected in meditation by opening our heart and cultivating compassion and kindness. And you can help keep connected online by sponsoring a class. This is how to prepare so we are ready to help in whatever way is appropriate at the time.

Joining our online classes

All classes are now available online! You can join a class for as little as $1, and many classes are by donation. It’s easy to register, and a Zoom link is emailed to you 15 minutes before the class starts.

  • Guided meditations. The nuns continue to lead Sunday meditations on mindfulness and guided visualisation on the Buddha. You can join these and the Thursday evening meditation courses and guided visualisations live online, or enjoy catch-up classes on our Youtube channel.
  • Virtual pujas are still held in the gompa, led by Miffi Maxmillion and Ven. Lhagsam. We make offerings on your behalf, and everyone has a chance to share their dedications on the night (spoken or written in the chat).
  • Structured courses like Discovering Buddhism and the emotional balance series continue uninterrupted, and LTC members have free digital access to all study notes, soundfiles and videos in the watch and listen member’s area.

**If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please email us so we can help you connect to the events that you wish. We have scholarships and sponsored classes to offer people.


On your computer:

Browse our Monthly Calendar as usual, then click on the class you wish to join. You will be able to buy a ticket on the details page.

On your tablet or phone:

Go to our new LIVESTREAM Events page with a mobile-friendly list of all our courses where you can easily register.

– Make sure you select the right date!
– Download the zoom app if you haven’t already done so
– A secure zoom link will be emailed 15 minutes before class
– Ticket sales stop 5 minutes before class
– If all else fails, please email us!

Library Books

Books! The Dharma refuge! Now we can finally get around to reading all those books calling us from the bedside table! If you are an LTC member you will still be able to borrow from our amazing library.

Just browse our catalogue online, reserve your books, and then email us to arrange a time for a contact-free pickup. All returned books will be placed in quarantine for your protection. (Please note, you need to be a financial member of LTC to borrow books).

Also, from the wonderful folk who developed our catalogue system, here is a fantastic article on how to work from home like Librarything does!

NEW!! Catch-up classes

Want to join a course but missed the first few classes? Now you can easily catch up! When you click to buy a ticket for class, extra options become available, and you can purchase any catch-up class.

Catch-up classes are free for LTC members and can be found in the Watch and Listen section under the Resources tab.

Teachings, some classes, and many guided meditations are freely available on the LTC Youtube channel.

Practices to Avert Disease

Please see our dedicated page of resources to survive a coronavirus crisis – special practices recommended by HH the Dalai Lama and Lam Zopa Rinpoche. There are .pdf documents to download for printing as well as optimised for your phone.

Rinpoche has given oral transmissions of the mantras, that are available online. Please be aware that by taking this transmission you enter into a guru-disciple relationship with Rinpoche. This is a serious psychic commitment that brings huge blessings for us, but we must also be aware it entails karmic responsibility from our own side.

Resources for #CoronaRetreat

We are all about to have a lot of time at home, so what better opportunity to embrace an enforced retreat? Seize the day and work towards eliminating the karmic causes of this global convulsion, and make some real progress on the path to enlightenment!

And… don’t subscribe to cable, just support our homegrown TV stations! SBS on demand and ABC ivew have decades worth of material available to stream.