Sponsor a Nyung-Ne

Sponsor a Nyung-Ne

We invite you to make donations towards the offerings, or to sponsor part or all of a Nyung-Ne to help an LTC member attend the retreat. The cost of the 4-day retreat is $180 per person.

Sponsoring a Nyung-Ne creates as much merit as doing the retreat oneself, so if you are unable to do one at present, you can still accumulate mountains of merit by helping a fellow student attend who otherwise would not be able to.

We lead these retreats over Easter and in the Christmas break each year. The retreat is residential, and although half of the retreat is in fasting, for the other half we like to offer nutritious food and copious amounts of chai tea!

The Nyung-Ne retreat is a required activity of the Discovering Buddhism course, and doing one’s first Nyung-Ne at Langri Tangpa Centre is an ideal introduction to serious practice.

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