A new implement for puja?

In a post-COVID world full of a cascade of new technology and recalcitrant interwebs, have you ever wondered what actually goes on behind the scenes to host a puja? It is quite a complicated tech set up, as I am both leading live in the gompa with a mic and TV screen, as well as leading on zoom with a screenshare.

So my ritual desk is set up as follows: damaru, bell, dorje, inner offering, ….mouse! I have my screen open in zoom, the emails popping up, the chat open, and my puja text on the keyboard.

There are cords everywhere – HDMI, laptop, microphone, zoom camera, internet cable – you name it! Leading the puja is quite a challenge, as I have to concentrate on the visualisation, remember the tune, turn the page, advance the screenshare, and keep an eye on the time!

But in all it’s a perfect symbiosis of the mundane and the sacred! It takes a huge amount of concentration to lead like this, but it has done wonders for my practice!

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