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Alert But Not Alarmed

Mandy McNulty, July 2003

I first heard about the sixteen day Nyung-Ne retreat way back in January. People said it was ‘an amazing purification practice', but they also talked about how hard it was - with fasting and hundreds of prostrations every day. Being plagued by accidents and health problems, I loved the idea of being able to do an intense purification practice.

Published in Nyung-Ne Adventures

The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected - My First Nyung-Ne

Janet Whitlow, June 2003

To be honest, I had no idea what a Nyung-Ne was. I just had a vague notion that it was a fasting and prostration retreat (now I know it is Action tantra), and that if I attended just one it was equivalent to three months of purification retreat. As I work full time, such a benefit as this was mighty attractive.

Published in Nyung-Ne Adventures

Nyung-Ne Files - the Ridiculous and the Sublime

Wayne Chapman, March 1999

When Miffi asked if I wanted to do a Nyung-Ne I said "sure". Having never done one before I thought it would be a challenge for the soul and mind. Oh boy! What a challenge! Whoever requested to have it in summer must have been a follower of the Marquis de Sade in a previous life.

Published in Nyung-Ne Adventures

A Marathon Like No Other - the Eight Nyung-Nes

Miffi Maxmillion, March 1998

Sixteen people completed the eight Nyung-Nes over the Saka Dawa period leading up to the Buddha's enlightenment and passing into nirvana. Ven. Ailsa, who led the retreat along with Ven. Tshering and Ven. Deikyi, explained that “a Nyung-Ne is a powerful purification practice in relation to Chenrezig, the Buddha of compassion.

Published in Nyung-Ne Adventures

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