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Langri Tangpa Centre is affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT)

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Healing Depression and Anxiety (day classes)

In Buddhist psychology, unhappiness is viewed as a symptom of the afflictive emotions, and the root of these is the distorted way we conceive of ourselves. By recognising and developing a realistic appreciation of our innate human qualities, we will naturally be able to overcome our fears and become happier.

Additional Info
  • Program Level Beginner
  • Leader Miffi Maxmillion
  • Suggested Donation $10/$5 per class
  • Day & Time Thursday mornings, 10.30 - 12.15 pm
  • Associated Classes Happiness Intensives on a Sunday
  • Dates 18 May - 22 June, 2017
Published in Emotional Balance

Morning Yoga

Open yoga classes suitable for all levels of experience from beginner to more advanced, with variations offered to suit all levels. Opportunity to explore the more challenging poses and sequences in a safe and nurturing environment. Individual attention given to correct alignment and safety, supporting you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Additional Info
  • Program Level All levels
  • Leader Jill Shaw-Feather, Cindy & Jaqueline Hartigan
  • Suggested Donation Cost is $15 per class (cash only please)
  • Day & Time 9.30 am - 11 am
  • Associated Classes
  • Dates Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings, 2017
Published in Health & Cooking

Buddha's Birthday Family Pageant

Mindful Families invites you and your family to celebrate Buddha's birthday with us. The highlight of the day is decorating the 6-tusk elephant and leading it into the gompa with the children's procession! There will be storytelling, mantra recitation, birthday cake with the nuns, sweet tea and bath offering to Baby Buddha.

Additional Info
  • Program Level All levels
  • Leader Ven. Trin-la, Ven. Drolkar, Demi Kehoe & Leanne Papas
  • Suggested Donation $10 per family (BYO offering of food or flowers)
  • Day & Time 10 am - 12.30 am
  • Associated Classes
  • Dates Saturday 10 June, 2017
Published in Family & Social

Discovering Buddhism Orientation

Just beginning Discovering Buddhism? Coming back for another round? Overview of the topics and activities, how and when to get started, and how this course fits into your own personal journey towards enlightenment! This class has essential information for returning students, and is a great introduction for those just joining this 3-year course.

Additional Info
  • Program Level Intermediate
  • Leader Eddie Peet & Miffi Maxmillion
  • Suggested Donation $10 (plus donation for notes)
  • Day & Time 7 pm - 8.30 pm
  • Associated Classes Discovering Buddhism weekly classes
  • Dates Wednesday 12 July, 2017
Published in In-depth Buddhism

From Afflictions to Perfections

This is a board game with a difference - and invented right here at Langri Tangpa Centre! From Afflictions to Perfections is loosely based on Monopoly, is played with unique Buddhist cards, and demonstrates how we can overcome the negative mental factors, and how tenacious we have to be to develop our positive qualities!

Additional Info
  • Program Level Intermediate
  • Leader Miffi Maxmillion
  • Suggested Donation $10/$5
  • Day & Time 10.30 am - 12 pm
  • Associated Classes Discovering Buddhism required activity
  • Dates Tuesday 20 June, 2017
Published in In-depth Buddhism

Mind and Its Potential

This is the first unit of the 3-year course - what a great time to start! Begin with the fuindamentals underlying all Buddhist thought and practice - the mind. Examine what the nature of the mind is, and how it creates all happiness and suffering. Learn to transform destructive thoughts and attitudes to create a positive and joyous mind!

Additional Info
  • Program Level Intermediate
  • Leader Eddie Peet
  • Suggested Donation $10 per class (plus $30 for the notes)
  • Day & Time Wednesday Evenings, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm
  • Associated Classes DB Orientation on 12 July, 2017
  • Dates 19 July - 27 September, 2017
Published in In-depth Buddhism

Meditation, Discussion & Chai

Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha purification and blessing, alaternated with meditations on cleansing body, speech and mind! Join us for a relaxed, informal meeting every Sunday, beginning with a guided meditation, then a short Buddhist DVD and informal discussion, and ending with delicious chai tea and biscuits in reception.

Additional Info
  • Program Level Beginner
  • Leader Western nuns
  • Suggested Donation $10 per class
  • Day & Time Sunday mornings, 10.30 am - 12.00 pm
  • Associated Classes
  • Dates Weekly until 25 June, and then from 23 July until 17 December, 2017
Published in Learn to Meditate

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Reception and Meditation Hall opens half an hour before class and half an hour after class. The reception closes whilst class is on.


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