Help Our Nuns Attend Rinpoche’s Retreat

Help Our Nuns Attend Rinpoche's Retreat

Our wonderful LTC nuns look after us so well, we would like to look after them! We would like make it as easy as possible for them all to attend Rinpoche’s precious teachings coming up in April 2018.

The Bendigo retreat, held at the Great Stupa, will run for six weeks. There are substantial transport, food and accommodation costs. Part of our practice as Buddhists is to make offerings to the Sangha Jewel, and helping our nuns attend this retreat is a small way we can fulfill our refuge commitments and also show our gratitude.

Rinpoche will also be teaching briefly in the Blue Mountains and at Chenrezig Institute, so our nuns who cannot make it to Bendigo will still be able to attend some of this precious visit.

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